It’s still a small town.

I was riding home on the Bus a couple of nights ago. It wasn’t the Seattle bus, I ride to the ferry on them. It was a Kitsap transit bus.

We stopped at a regular stop downtown. There were two elderly ladies that boarded the bus with their walkers. One of them asked if the bus went to Madison Ave and High School Dr. The driver replied that no, he didn’t go there and no, the bus that does go that way would not come by this stop. This bus could take them to Madison and Wyatt, which was clearly a long walk for them to High School drive.

Feeling that half a ride was better than walking the whole way, the ladies boarded the bus. Then, the bus driver said something that I’ve never heard a bus driver say, “If you stay on the bus through my whole route, I can drop you there on my way back to the terminal.”

It’s nice to live in a small town, while working in a large city.

It’s always cool when the whales commute with us.

You can’t see it very well in the pictures (because they were shot with a camera phone at dusk on a moving ferry), but there’s a whale in the water. There were actually two of them.

This is the second time in two weeks when the ferry captain has announced to us that there are Orcas within viewing distance of the ferry. Last time, they were too far away to even wish to capture with my phone’s camera. This time, they were right outside my window. By the time I’d gotten my camera phone out, they were underwater. Then, they resurfaced back behind the ferry.

Its pretty nice though, having these whales sharing our commute. It makes us more aware, as we want to see them all the time. This morning, we thought we saw a whale by the side of the boat. Turned out it was just a sea otter (but that’s pretty cool, too).



Removing the KVM from my Linux box

I bought a 3 monitor swivel arm this past week. From my PC, I have 1 monitor running from the HDMI output, and one running from the DVI. From my old HP Pavilion Slimline, I have a VGA cable running into the third monitor.

I wanted to run a KVM switch so that I could use one keyboard and mouse with the the PC and Linux box. However, because I’m using a different output format for each of the three monitors, the KVM switch won’t switch the monitor. Plus, even if the keyboard and mouse are switched back and forth, the mechanism of the switch is different from the PC’s fluid motion of dragging the mouse over from one screen to the other.

So, I installed an implementation of VNC on each box, using VNC to share the keyboard and mouse.

On the PC side, I used Win2VNC as the client that would connect to the server. The video that I saw online ( showed this software being used to connect to TightVNC, which was a little much for just using the Keyboard and mouse. But, Win2VNC was a usable client that would allow for dragging the mouse to the target computer.

On the Linux side, I installed X11VNC, which, like TightVNC, was also used for presenting a remote desktop to another computer, but can be configured to present the active x11 screen and not to present the framebuffer across the network (via the -nofb flag).

My next step is to make this server start on bootup, so that I don’t have to log in with a separate keyboard and mouse. Once I do that, it should mostly function as one if it were one computer.

My 3 monitor swivel arm stand. Now I just need to clean up the desk. :-)
My 3 monitor swivel arm stand. Now I just need to clean up the desk. 🙂