It’s still a small town.

I was riding home on the Bus a couple of nights ago. It wasn’t the Seattle bus, I ride to the ferry on them. It was a Kitsap transit bus.

We stopped at a regular stop downtown. There were two elderly ladies that boarded the bus with their walkers. One of them asked if the bus went to Madison Ave and High School Dr. The driver replied that no, he didn’t go there and no, the bus that does go that way would not come by this stop. This bus could take them to Madison and Wyatt, which was clearly a long walk for them to High School drive.

Feeling that half a ride was better than walking the whole way, the ladies boarded the bus. Then, the bus driver said something that I’ve never heard a bus driver say, “If you stay on the bus through my whole route, I can drop you there on my way back to the terminal.”

It’s nice to live in a small town, while working in a large city.