Now I can Draft in WordPress

I recently received an email from talking about a new plug-in for Google Docs that will allow me to save my Google Doc as a WordPress draft. This would be really cool. I’d be able to use all of the formatting features of Google Docs and have those features on any Android device.

This would level the playing field across apps for WordPress. No longer would I have one set of features on one device and another set on my phone, because the WordPress apps are different.

Even better, I’d also be able to share the document with other people while editing the draft. This allows me to change my publishing workflow to incorporate more ideas and perspectives into the blog post, without having to do a bunch of copying and pasting across platforms.

Now, if there were a Grammarly plug-in for Google Docs, I’d really be happy. That part of the workflow still needs to be done in the WordPress editor.