Exploring the Peninsula 

Kelley and I went driving on Sunday. This was my second trip in three weekends. I take these rides so that we can explore the Olympic Peninsula and surrounding area. Seeing that we’ve lived on the island for 3 years now, it is about time that we see all the cool things in the area.

What we found, was more stuff to go back and see. On this ride, we drove out to Aberdeen. We passed the Rodeo Drive-in Movies, a pretty cool looking paintball course, a disc golf course, and a retired nuclear power plant at Satsop (which appears to offer guided tours, if you call ahead).

When we arrived in Aberdeen, we stopped at a Starbucks and had a couple of drinks while we talked. I plotted out the course around the 101 loop, but it was too late to take the six-hour drive around the northern part of the highway. We decided to do that another time. While looking at the route, I noticed a hotel on the map, the Quinault Lodge, which looks really cool. This, too, will be an excellent destination for another time.

I’m planning to do a few more of these trips. There’s a lot to see in this area. Most of it is just the natural beauty of the undeveloped countryside. It’s a good way to spend time.